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Where and when you can find Bay 2 Beaches H3


Rain or shine, B2BH3 will hash the first Sunday of every month. BYOB.


B2BH3 will hash in the Hillsborough and Pinellas county areas. The volunteer hares decide the trail location and the start time.

Types of hashes and B2BH3 traditions:

Each hash is an adventure trail: bicycle, foot, paddle, etc. The hashes can also include camping and other local adventures/events.

We have ICE, the Donny Tube, Ass Hat Award, and the double-hash shit award.

Songs are welcome and diming-out fellow hashers is encouraged!



No Mismanagement = KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

Founder and GM...

Casual Friday

The hash is centered around the KISS concept: Keep It Simple Stupid! B2BH3 has no hierarchy in order to focus only on hash fun!

Religious Advisor...

Volunteer RAs are encouraged! Each hash may have a different volunteer RA. Simply contact Casual Friday to volunteer at any time. No experience necessary!

Beer Meister...

None necessary! Each hash is a BYOB, therefore no one is to blame for crappy beverages.

Hash Flash...

Step up and volunteer! You get out of the hash what you put into it! Bring your camera and send photos to Casual Friday so all website viewers can enjoy!

Hash Scribe...

Step up and volunteer! There are never enough sides of the hash story...create your own write up and send it to Casual Friday to be placed on the website.  Not a gentleman or a scholar? Good thing it's not necessary!


Links to other hashes in the area...