Bay 2 Beaches Hash House Harriers Monthly Schedule

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Adventure Hashing Schedule:

Sunday, October 7, Bay 2 Beaches H3 Paddle Trail #81

RA: Metawhorical Sunshine

Hares: Bloody "Sanchez and Sunday School Stroker

Location: URban Kai, 13090 Gandy Blvd. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Circle Up Time: 2:00 PM

On Afters: TBD

Hare Notes: BYOB(Beverages and Boat). Non-motorized boats, such as canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. Rental kayaks available at Urban Kai, 1-813-598-1634.

Sunday, November 4, Bay 2 Beaches H3 Meta's Birthday Bash-Trail #82

RA: Casual Friday

Hares: Metawhorical Sunshine and Where's Baldo

Location: The Davis Cattle Ranch, Hidden Pond Lane, Brooksville, FL 34602

Circle Up Time: 2:00 PM

On Afters: Campsite

Hare Notes: BYOB (bicycle, beverages, and food for BBQ). Mountain bike is preferred. 


Camping over the weekend is available for free, first come, first choice of tent spot. There is an outdoor toilet and shower facility. Pack in Pack out, leave nothing behind but footprints. Food and beverages are on your own. Campsite is pet-friendly, be advised there is a large, young ranch dog for you to play with!


Friday - set up, dig for arrowheads, bonfire and shotskis!
Saturday -
   Beer Mile. Bring 4 cans of fully leaded beer, the cheaper or strangest beer is highly encouraged!
   Shuffleboard Tournament. This is an annual,  highly competitive tournament! No cheating allowed, however distractions are encouraged! Team A: Just Jeff, Just Jordan, Just Shane vs. Team B. B2BH3
   hashers. Just Jeff vs. Rhotan, playing for posession of beloved Crocks! Bonfire and shotskis!
Sunday - Bike Hash, BYOB and food for on afters.