B2BH3 Traditions

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Things to look for:

Cheating is acceptable B2BH3 hash behavior; bitching and moaning will earn you ice time and a very slow down-down song.

Religious Advisor Direction

The B2BH3 Relgious Advisor voluteer duty is flexible. There are no set rules and no set "order" of traditions. The RA directs the circle's hash entertainment, allowing the pack members to express him/herself at whim...isn't that why we hash? The RA can direct any pack member to sit on ice for any reason, takes votes from the pack members for giving out the Shit Award to the hasher who deserves it--including him/herself.  The RA can earn time on the ice and/or the shit award, as the GM trump's the RA! Cool


With the RA's or pack member's suggestion, the RA can direct any pack member to spend down-down time on the ice for any kind of "hash infraction" the RA deems ice-worthy. Snivelling could earn you ice, for example. The GM can trump the RA on ice-worthy suggested hash infractions.


Down-downs are normally done from the hasher's own beverage container. Should you be elected the "hash tard," you will execute your down-down while wearing the Donny Tube on your drinking arm...bring extra clothes, incase you're elected!  There can be as many Donny the Retard down-downs as the RA deems appropriate for circle.


This infamous hash tradition is awarded to each hash member who executes a "shitty act" on or off trail.  Nobody is exempt and there can be as many shitty down-downs awarded as RA deems appropriate for circle.